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Women’s events provide a unique opportunity for women of all ages and stages to come together and celebrate the bonds of female friendship sharing wisdom, stories, support and laughter with each other — as only women can.

Over the years Helene has met many women who are strong, caring, independent, creative, opinionated, kind and truly inspirational. They have inspired her to delve further into the female consciousness with her observations on life as a woman. She speaks with passion, humor and heart and energizes women to wear their life well — inside and out.

Her passion and mission has always been to inspire women to love who they are, own their power and create their best self. By sharing her words and experiences in her always-true-to-the-female-experience-way she challenges her audience to find their confidence and tap into their substance and style.

When Helene speaks she brings value, humor and connection together in a way that inspires women to empowered action. The audience is always completely engaged during her impactful and interactive presentations. It’s an honor to recommend Helene.

Christine Awram, Founder, Women of Worth WOW Events

Helene is the perfect fit for your next event!

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When we hired Helene we were looking for someone who could reach the demographic of women aged 35-65 who are interested in health, wellness, fashion, relationship building, self-improvement and above all fun. We chose Helene because she is an ambassador for women and her speaking skills are second to none, with engaging and relevant messaging each and every time. She is able to connect with her audience and teach them something while making them feel good about themselves, which is a rare and very valuable talent. We are always happy to work with Helene and will continue to do so. Feedback from our participants at our events tell us they feel the same way about Helene as we do. The event simply would not be the same without her. We recommend Helene to anyone who is looking for a strong, organized, highly capable individual who is able to reach her audience and deliver informative, emotional and relevant messaging each and every time.

Stephanie Hamilton, Marketing Manager, The Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge