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Getting dressed is as much for the mind as it is for the body. You know that when you like what you see in the mirror you feel good, have more confidence, and feel happy. The ripple effect of looking and feeling your best will have you growing in ways you never thought possible. The WEAR YOUR LIFE WELL MASTERCLASS will teach you how to tap into the power of you and take on the day with substance and style.

Get ready to dress up, show up and never give up as you celebrate yourself from the outside in. I’ll teach you the fundamentals of creating your signature style and how to make friend with yourself and fashion  — once and for all. I’ll ask the questions you need to answer, but haven’t asked yourself yet. I’ll share my most important insights, encourage you and guide you through activities that you can implement right away to empower your look and your life as you make that crucial shift to a woman living with a wondrous sense of self and style.

As you follow my 3 pillars of true transformation you’ll engage in a powerful process that will help you curate your closet and claim your confidence.


Are you ready to answer the most important questions of your life? If you are ready to eliminate the self-sabotage, fear and uncertainty, I’ll help you awaken your inner voice and say YES to yourself. You’ll get clear about what you can do on your life-long journey to learn, transform and expand your life experiences in pursuit of happiness — and that perfect outfit.


You don’t have to look perfect or have a perfect life to be happy. This program will give you something you won’t find in stores: confidence. I’d be breaking girlfriend code if we didn’t talk about clothes, so I’ll help you pick out something to wear for the special occasions (and the day-to-day moments) that are your life. I’ll be there for you no matter what your size, shape or age.


I’ll encourage you to embrace life with grace and gumption as you claim your beauty, feel your power and be inspired to celebrate your individuality. By getting back in touch with your essential self you will rediscover your dreams and restore your passion for life. You’ll have the confidence you need to make the changes you long for in your life and your personal style.


Can you remember who you were before the world told you who to be? Do you recognize yourself when you look in a mirror? Truth is, when you enhance the outside it also spars something on the inside. Being a stylish woman and living a beautiful life isn’t about looking chick 24/7 or being superficial. It’s about discovering yourself, owning your look and showing the world who you are in your own standout style.

  • Reconnect with who you are and what lights you up on a regular basis as you re-engage with your essence.
  • Identify small changes that can make a big difference on your path to your most authentic self and style.
  • Understand the soul of your style and define the dimensions of your fashion personality.


Sometimes life doesn’t go according to plan. Other times you start to feel a restlessness and are ready to shake up the status quo. Whether you are facing small disappointments or heartbreaking tragedies, unwanted change can blindside you. Even change you choose can throw you for a loop as you shake things up for the better.

  • Embrace 7 empowering ways to successfully adapt to change and find certainty in uncertain times.
  • Be specific about the areas of your life where you will create change and learn to navigate the inevitable ups and downs.
  • Do some soul-searching in your closet, get your clothes under control, let go of things that no longer work for you and have a closet made up of pieces you can’t wait to wear.



What are you doing in your life that you know without question is right for you? Is your internal compass pointing you in the right directions to create the life you want to live? Sometimes pushing aside boundaries and obstacles toward a brighter future means making some bold moves to get to know yourself better.

  • Think outside the box and explore the aspects that are keeping you from making empowered decisions to stay true to yourself.
  • Choose to live well and stop waiting for special occasions to immerse yourself in quality, everyday experiences that make you feel abundant.
  • Make more intentional choices, moment-to-moment and day-to-day to embrace your future self.


Let’s get real. If dealing with fake perfection in our youth-obsessed culture leaves you lost in self-doubt, you’re not alone. It’s hard to stay in touch with your real self in a world where authenticity is in short supply. It’s time to get comfortable in your own skin and decide you are beautiful  as you admonish the messages we hear about women and beauty.

  • Cultivate the courage to embrace imperfection and transform your relationship with yourself.
  • Boost your body confidence and learn how to dress your shape with clever styling tricks specific to you.
  • Accentuate the positive as you give your attention to the best in you and around you.


Accept life’s invitation to live out loud and in color, instead of conforming to everything around you. It’s only when you step away from distractions that you can tap into your most creative and authentic self. Live a more inspired life by giving yourself space to think, create, daydream and take moments to step back from your life and observe it.

  • Practice 7 ways to cultivate your creativity and tap into your awe and wonder quotient.
  • Identify your best clothing colors, discover your comfort color and gain a better understanding of why you are comfortable with some colors and not others.
  • Invite adventure and make it a practice to loosen up and lighten up as you make relaxing and having more fun a priority.


We don’t need self-proclaimed experts and daytime television talk shows to tell us how to live our lives. The answers are inside us. Women have always learned from each other through our day-to-day experiences. Our world is filled with inspiring women from all walks of life, of every age and from every economic and ethnic background. The world is changing, and women are changing as they embrace their vision and follow their dreams into uncharted territory.

  • Define (or re-define) how to own your future as you concentrate on being a woman moving forward, liberated from stereotypes.
  • Recognize and celebrate the role models in your life who despite multiple set-backs and obstacles have inspired and empowered you.
  • Declare your life manifesto as an affirmation and a reminder of the values that reflect your unique spirit.

Over 6 weeks you’ll create space in your life (no matter how time-starved you are) to truly focus on being 100 percent yourself. You will find your beauty in the never-ending quest for inner peace — and that perfect outfit. This one-of-a-kind experience provides a clear step-by-step approach to an authentic life and style as you internalize that your beauty comes from being a strong, stylish and self-confident woman.


Lifetime on-demand access to Wear Your Life Well Masterclass Training

Showing up live is the BEST was to ensure you get the most out of this training. Chic happens. So don’t worry if something comes up. If you are like me, sometimes taking the time to fully immerse yourself can be unrealistic. The video trainings and webinars are recorded, and you can access them anytime.














Weekly Mentoring and Q&A

I’ll be teaching, coaching and answering your PERSONAL questions LIVE on the weekly calls. During each week of the course, the calls will be focused primarily on the theme of the week. No question goes unanswered. The answers to questions not covered in the LIVE presentation will be posted on our private Facebook community page.