wear your life well

You have honored women by writing something so inspiring and uplifting. All women struggle, but your stories imbue a sense of hope and show the resiliency of women to recreate themselves and carry on to have successful and joyful lives.

Elaine Murphy

You motivated me to go out and buy some new clothes that actually fit, as opposed to living in sweat pants “until the day I lose the weight.” When my husband saw the bill, he said, “stop reading that book.”

Beth Frank


Wear Your Life Well: Lessons on the Journey to your Truest Self is both a how-to and why-not book of life lessons described in 42 epiphany-encouraging stories that prompt you to live big. Helene shares slice-of-life-stuff through intimate stories, reflections and musings of self-discovery, inspired by stories of her family’s past, her own difficult times and the joy she has fashioned for herself. Her stories reflect the common experience of women on their life-long journey, struggling to stay true to themselves as they handle roles, responsibilities and embrace change with grace and gumption.

Now available as an e-book or paperback. Soon to be released as an audio-book on Audible.


As women our stories cross over, yet, we are as unique as our thumbprint. The person we become is the person we decide to be.

Our journey, wherever we have been, wherever we are now or wherever we are headed is mapped by the truth and courage we live.

Get ready for some self-exploration. That’s what writing Wear Your Life Well: Lessons on the Journey to your Truest Self was for me. Wear Your Life Well: Your Journey through Journaling is a pro-active companion volume to my book. The tools will spark reflection through writing, drawing, doodles and more. These activities act as a call-to-action guide to building a meaningful future by living authentically and enjoying lasting happiness. You will find answers to the questions that help you gain a deeper understanding of who you are, what you want and the meaning of your life.

Every answer is inside of you. I am committed to helping you find your truest self.



I recently came upon a fabulous book that so meticulously and beautifully intertwines both wellness and style. Oseen delivers fantastic tips for easily achieving great style without spending a fortune and also some fabulous lessons on the journey to becoming your truest self.

I was overcome with emotion while reading this wonderfully written book on life and style. This book offers some beautiful advice for you helping accept, love, and just be yourself. It is a beautiful goal and discovery we should all hope to reach and this book offers some amazing tips for getting there and feeling good about yourself.

I sat down to start it and ended up reading the whole thing in one sitting. It only took a few hours, but I so loved the positive message this book gives that I didn’t want to stop reading it. It has beautiful moral lessons that are emotional, gripping and practical too. This novel is a book that I know I will be coming back to again and again. It truly spoke to my heart.

I sat the book down after finishing the last page, feeling so happy to be me, so excited for the future, and so grateful for the present.


TOP 100 REVIEWER, Amazon