woman to woman


I love the company of women. Smart women. Strong women. Eclectic women. Interesting women. Compassionate women. All women.

I realised how important we are to each other early in life and over the years have come to appreciate the bonds that connect us from childhood to old age. Many of us share a culture or special rituals with each other while we fashion intimacy through conversations and clothes. Often those conversations are prompted by our clothes.

We share secrets, tell each other stories, and give each other advice. We kvetch, we laugh and we console each other. It’s through such honest and vulnerable moments that we fashion strong connections. We discover we are not alone. We talk about life and how to get through the crisis — as well as where we bought those fabulous boots. Sometimes all in the same sentence. Let’s face it, we like our clothes, shoes and shopping. I’m not saying that we live our life as a fashion statement, but, then again we connect immediately when we gush over each other’s outfits because it’s a subtle way of saying I see you, I like you and we can be friends.

If you don’t know me, I am Helene Oseen. As an ambassador for women I have realized a career and a calling around making women feel good about themselves on the outside, and empowering them to reflect that on the inside. Many call me their fashion therapist. This counter-intuitive approach works.I have seen first-hand the healing power of style and how it can help a woman say hello to the world with a little more confidence each day. As a veteran in the fashion and style industry I have been observing, advising and styling women for many (many, many) years.

I am the author of 3 books and long-time Fashion 911® newspaper columnist and weekly television contributor. I have been speaking on stages for many years. As founder of the Ultimate Pajama Party ® I hosted women’s luxury retreats in resort locations across the country and internationally. I feel honored to have been a recipient of the Global Television Woman of Vision Award. You’ll also find me in television, radio and print interviews. I believe my most important roles are as a mom, grandma, wife, daughter and friend who is still young enough to enjoy fashion, old enough to have seen the trends before and friendly enough to keep it fun.


Those that know me would say I challenge women to adopt a nurturing attitude affirming their substance and style. Yet, ironically  despite my outer success, deep down inside I never felt good enough myself. When things were going well I felt like a fraud. Life brought me to my knees many times and my self-criticism and self-doubt kept me from claiming the life I deserve.

As I was writing my memoir, Wear Your Life Well: Lessons on the Journey to your Truest Self and weaving my stories together, I recognized a pattern emerge. For the first time I realized that I was far to hard on myself. I became painfully aware that I gave up on dreams because I thought I wasn’t educated enough, pretty enough, thin enough, young enough and interesting enough. I allowed myself to stay stuck in fear, paralyzed because I was less than perfect. I wasn’t brave enough to be kind to myself, and BE myself, because I didn’t think I was loveable enough. I suffered from a crisis of confidence for most of my life.

My life, just like yours is a work in progress. I opened myself up to a new way of living that helped me make my life more awesome, interesting and fun. Today, my life is perfectly imperfect and I am happy.

I want you to be happy. To be what you want. To be all of you. I want you to explore. I want you to choose you.




PS. Take yourself off the discount rack. There will always be someone who can’t see your beauty and your worth. Don’t let it be you.