Are you ready to accept yourself, love yourself and be yourself?

Hi, I’m Helene

I encourage women on their life-long journey to learn, transform and expand life’s experiences in the pursuit of happiness — and that perfect outfit.

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Live YOUR Life with more Spirit, Sass & Style.

You don’t need to look perfect or lead a perfect life to claim your confidence, your courage and live a good life. If you don’t fit your life, change your life to fit you.

What dreams do you have tucked away? What do you want to create for yourself and your life? I’ll help you awaken your inner voice and say YES to yourself.

I’d be breaking a girlfriend code if we didn’t talk about clothes too, so I’ll help you pick out something to wear for those day-to-day occasions that stand for your life.

I’ll encourage you to embrace life with grace and gumption as you accept who you are and focus on loving yourself and being yourself.


Live by design not by default. I’ll prompt you to think about your hopes and dreams and then inspire you to be daring, bold and true to you.

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