I believe women don’t need to look perfect or live a perfect life to be happy.

I teach women how to dress up, show up and never give up as they make that crucial shift to a woman living with a wondrous sense of self and style.

Learn to live by design, not default and think about your hopes and dreams. I’ll help you awaken your inner voice and say YES to yourself. You’ll be inspired to seek change for the better in your life, instead of waiting for change to happen as you find out what’s holding you back, what makes you tick, and what really matters to you.

I’d be breaking a girlfriend code if we didn’t talk about clothes too, so I’ll help you find your closet identity – the clothes that define you –¬† and give you the tools to confidently let your style express your inner beauty. You’ll finally understand how to choose flattering clothes for those special¬† occasions and the everyday that stand for your life.

Get ready to focus on what’s truly important as you live more authentically and do more of the things you enjoy, no matter what age and stage of life you are in. Whether you want to look great in clothes that fit your shape and style, make sense of your life story, or simply feel better about yourself inside and out, I’ll help you get there.